Ok, so the trailer before the film premier dropped, holy fucking shit. The whole cast are back, without all the usual suspects it wouldn’t be the same. Rent Boy, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie all up to their old tricks. This film takes us right back to where we left off, in 1996. We’ve waited a heck of a long time.

This eagerly awaited sequel seemed to blow it out of the water from the get go. During the trailer it included the element we all love, a homage to what came before. It starts, “Choose life” “Choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram” A modern dystopic twist to what is bound to be a classic.
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Although the times have changed and the period between the two movies seem to be decades apart not much has changed in their world. It still oozes and overflows with excess drug use, sex, scandal and the famous “Born Slippy” soundtrack. It wouldn’t be the same without this track narrating their hectic lifestyle.

According to Rolling Stones the film is released March 3rd in the U.S. When is it blessing the UK then?

Keep your eyes peeled for another post looking at the soundtracks of Trainspotting and possible candidates for the new film. 

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