Holy shit did this come out of nowhere! After Jamie xx released his own material I just assumed that it was the natural end for the band and no more releases from them. I am buzzed that they’re coming back!
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From the off I’ve always loved this band. Back when they released the album “XX” in 2009 I couldn’t get enough of it. I still listen to this amazingly pure band from day to day. Their album is so easy to chill out too, effortless listening. It takes you away and helps clears out all of the shit in your head. My 3 favourite songs from that album are VCR, Islands and Heart Skipped a Beat. I had to limit myself to the top 3 otherwise I would have just written down the album in its entirety.
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Their vibe is so unique and like no other. They don’t fit in any box. How can you categorise them? Impossible. Their latest album graced us during 2012, many years ago, I think were due for new release now. From this album my favourites are Angels, Chained and Our Song.
They’ve kept their latest single artwork to the iconic ‘X’ seen on the previous album covers. In non-typical fashion they released the news of their new album during Annie Macs’ BBC Radio 1 set. There was no hype beforehand, no mention of it on any social media. They just threw it in their all casual. Apparently it is to be titled “I See You” and released during 2017. Now counting down the months.

After their single had been released it’s fair to say that everyone is getting more than a little fidgety. The track called “On Hold” is a bold way to strut back into the music scene. What a come-back after a four painstakingly long years. I’m glad they haven’t lost their gloomy touch, yet they’ve somehow made it pleasant to listen to? What is this black magic? How do they do it?
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“Every time I let you leave, I always saw you coming back to me”

Fuck me, The XX have already released their tour dates and you bet that I’m fucking there. At the front. Probably sobbing. 

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