We’re only the second month into 2016 and already catching a glimpse of the following trends to take over the run ways and high street fashion.

Many of the high street retailers have already caught gravitating towards the new trend, embroidery. But this trend was not cooped up by brands, but designers. They have previously included this element within their run ways. They have set the standard incredibly high.

This trend was recently spotted in Valentino’s, Spring 2015 couture collection. Which was executed magnificently. The collection really grasped the ethnic roots by accentuating the red tones in contrast to white base. Valentino also incorporated boarders and bold patterning, truly capturing the historic print. The collection consisted of a range of garments; not just in the pinafores but with elongated waist coats, mid length skirts and thrilled dresses.

Valentino not only included the traditional print but reworked and revamped it completely. Also featuring floor length frocks with neutral colours, mainly dusky greys, toned blues and muted yellows. The design featured lace layers that extended from the turtle neck, to the cuff of the sleeves and down to the floor. Elegant, classy and timeless.

The collection also included opaque material with embroidery weaved in between the delicate fabric. This was mainly used within the gowns, combined with thick ‘boyfriend’ coats, similar colours and also embroidered with the same pattern and colours. Throughout the run way there was reoccurring theme of thrilled high necks and three quarter thrilled sleeves. The feel of the collection was reminiscent of Shakespearian times, vintage, poetic and magnificent. The gowns were similar to that of a love story, wanting and lusting but unable to obtain. I’m sure many would kill to get their hands on the beautiful, sophisticated clothing.

The high street bands have seen these pieces of art and noted that shoppers are eager to get their hands on. They have taken this popular print and made it their own. Many brands are now taking the design and making it their own. Although the opaque material hasn’t yet hit the high streets the bright floral embroidery has. They have teamed this with black material to highlight the contrast and draw attention to the eye-catching vintage print.

They have used the print and combined it with different materials. They have placed the bright floral embroidery on the pockets of suede skirts, on the neckline of cotton jumpers and on the cuffs and hem of light weight summer dresses.

Embroidery is the perfect transitional trend. It can be worn in the colder months on thicker items of clothing without looking out of place. But also within the warmer months, light weight dresses teamed with lace up sandals can be the perfect summer look this year. The detailing is desired and now readily available so that it can be worked into your own style. 
Another television show that has completely lost its flare. It was fucking magnolia. Yeah Ant and Dec was hosting the awards and everyone loves them, but their banter was completely a miss, they simply aren’t James Corden. Of course the half-naked stripper, dominatrix spiced things up a bit. The look on their faces was a picture. The life-size brit statues didn’t really have the ‘wow’ factor either, it was kind of like Lady Gaga back in 2007 had just accidentally stumbled through the door.

Nothing really exciting happened at The Brits, apart from Adele getting audio mute, someone bloody had too. But that was it. Where was Madonna getting caught in her cape? Or Alex Turner dropping the microphone?

The worst bit of all, the most talked about band, that’s if you can even call them that was Coldplay. Like what the fuck. They made an appearance every two minutes, with their shitty songs. They even wore their own merchandise, who does that? And then Adele kept bobbing her head up, which no one minds of course because she talks common and seems the type of person that you can have a cigarette and a chat with after a heavy night.

The only spectacular part of the whole evening was the David Bowie tribute. Literally tear jerking.

They need to up their fucking standards for next year, hopefully it won’t be as shit. 
At first glance this collaboration looks a bit mishap and doomed for failure, but you’re fucking wrong.

‘Control’ is the sound they have collaborated on, it’s everything I hoped and expected. Just times that by a thousand first. And if it’s a taster of Chase and Status’ new album is going to sound like I’m fucking ecstatic.

A ‘dance’ band you loved in year nine who created absolute bangers to then mix with an indie rock duo who love deep chords. Like what the fuck?

But it works, its fireworks and set to become a classic in its own right.

The electro sound mixing with the sharp bashing vocals in somewhat divine.

Holy shit. They have a mammoth of a task to even compare to their first album, let alone to try and out do it. Progression is key, so if its shit, my god they will hear about it.

Not only am I looking forward to listening to their album, possible collaborations and no doubt tour dates; I cannot wait to see their album artwork will be like. Their first was neon pink and two white dogs, not very stereotypical for quite a heavy band. Their music videos have also been completely outside of the box, featuring a menacing mantaray out to get them.

They described their new album “heavy, dirty and fun”. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Odd? Quirky? Totally insane?'The%20Hunter'%20by%20Youth%20Hymns.jpg?itok=ZKIDEbtJ
The 1975 established their presences by releasing ‘The 1975’ album. The feel to that whole album was quite dark. Amongst the songs there seemed to be a lot of hidden messages, from true love, intimacy and of course weed. The dark album work can be taken literally, it wasn’t an album you’d play whilst sitting on a sunny beach.

So far, they haven’t actually released their second album (I think they had after I wrote this), but released a teaser. ‘The Sound’, a much more uplifting vibe, the only way I can describe this song compared to the previous album is that feeling when you’ve held your breath for far too long and you finally exhale, a great weight lifted off your chest. I think I read somewhere that Matty, the frontman, described it as ‘not being in the rain anymore’. He summed it up to a T, and poetically just like his lyrics.

The 1975 is a huge hit with thousands of people globally, not just because of their music. I think it’s their whole image and the way they portray themselves. During their first album the whole band’s twitter was supporting the album work and dark running theme, including in the way they dress. Now making their second album, they are still using the albums artwork across facebook and twitter, but have changed their image. Matty now wears light and pastel coloured shirts buttoned down, mimicking that of the album artwork and pop up shop posters.

I’m eagerly awaiting the album to appear magically on Spotify and not just on Apple music, so it can grace my ears.
Vicky McClure won the best actress and it couldn’t have gone to anyone better. She is best known for playing ‘Lol’ in This Is England. Winning this award comes as no shock, the acting she continued to give for years was more than breath taking. Mesmerising. So much so that at some points you forgot that it was a performance, that the lines were scripted, it feel so real and genuine.

The television show and the movie were vivid and moving. The on screen love Lol displayed towards Woody (Joe Gilgun) was incredible, their romance they genuinely felt like two halves that are made for each other. The pair simply bounced off one and other, electrifying the audience, you can’t find that on any television show or movie.

 Not to mention I’m envious that she suits blonde hair as well as jet black. I cannot get over her mod look either, I know that was a character she’s playing but when I think of Vicky, I think of Lol. Plus her face looks as if it was carved by angel, I’m pretty sure it was.