A post about Arctic Monkeys, this shit is going to go on forever so sit yourselves down.

 It seems every couple of years an album that is released seems to define and shape all of those that follow. One that the current generation dance too and play on repeat. One that marks a defining moment in history, and sometimes it’s not just in the music world. Arctic Monkeys seems to be the band that keeps releasing those albums, time and time again.
It has recently been 10 years on since the release of ‘Whatever People Say I am That’s What I’m Not’ back in January 2006. At the time this was a revolutionary piece of art, a big fuck you to those in charge, an album that stood for change and rebellion. They done something that no band had done before, gave away free music at their gigs and had a website, they never uploaded their song themselves it was all done by fans. Everyone remembers the front man Turner, especially talking down the camera ‘don’t believe the hype’ before performing ‘I Bet You Look Good on Dancefloor’. What an anthem that song has become in it’s own right, if you do not know the words then really ask yourself why. A true classic. A song setting the standard of their music yet to come.,_That's_What_I'm_Not.jpg

 Turner’s scruffy look is unforgettable, his shabby hair that looked unkempt mirrored that of the generation. And their lyrics were genius, nothing about space and abstract ideas but the ordinary, of a girlfriend in a shitty mood. That someone has witnessed at least once in their life.

During 2007 they released their second album ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’. A much heavier feel has taken over the band where the bass gives the songs much more kick. This album, although a slightly different feel wasn’t disappointing in the slightest. They had a lot to live up too, creating more classics that would be loved and relevant years to come. They just did that, especially when it comes to Brianstorm. The lyrics are more relevant than ever, Turner serenades the audience, singing about aggression and sexual frustration in a pleasant way, actually.

They didn’t stop there. They then released their third album ‘Humbug’. Most of their songs seem a little back to front, unsettling and the sequencing rule book has been thrown out the window. They seemed to have completely reinvented themselves yet again. With a new sound that they have labelled as their own. For the time being. ‘Crying Lightning’ in my opinion, is one of the gems amongst the dirt. Literally. Turner seems to relish in between the tiny spaces of the strumming and twisted lyrics.

Suck It and See, was released in 2011 by the ever growing indie rock band. With minimal album art you could visibly see that this yet again would be something entirely different. For me personally this album marked their downhill descend, it wasn’t a spiral because that would have been far more magnificent, they just kind of popped and the band was looking air slowly. Sadly.

AM was then released in 2013. Which seems a life time ago for the indie rock fans of today. The album received an abundance of mixed reviews. With some saying that this was the end of Arctic Monkeys as we knew it, that the band had spoiled their legacy and should stop before any more damage was done. Others, new indie rock fans thought this was the masterpiece of the century, that included only bangers and soon to be classics. But it wasn’t just the bands’ sound that had changed, their image had done rapidly too. Instead of the shabby hair with turtle necks we were now seeing slicked cut back hair and black leather jackets.

 Front man Turner didn’t help the situation either by putting fans noses out of joint with sarcastic and quite frankly dick-like remarks. No one is sure where Arctic Monkeys are heading now, their recent performances seems to fall short and cause disappointment, but could it be saved by another revolutionary album.

Stay tuned. 
 During the early months of 2016 they have released their second album titled “Not to Disappear”. Could this be taken literally? Making another mark on the music scene so their listeners wouldn’t forget their sounds?

After the release of their second album, which is set to be huge after a massive amount of positive vibes for “Numbers”, it only makes sense to look at their previous sound and the band as a whole.

Describe as a ‘folk’ band, earning their title by their soothing voice and acoustic sensation. But they are so much more than that.

The first time I had ever encountered Daughter was when I stumbled on their ‘ The Wild Youth’ EP back in 2011. I listened to their song ‘Youth’ on Youtube, I know, I managed to discover new music without the effortless assistance of Spotify. I sat there, headphones in and seemed to be transported into a different world, one where everything seemed breezy, hazy and light. Not described as happy per say, Daughters’ lyrics are moving and deep, they sing frequently about inner emotions and thoughts that others cannot put into words.

Elena’s voice seems to hum and purr gently over the bands mellow plucking. Her voice is captivating and somewhat encompassing, if you haven’t personally experienced some of the scenarios they are singing then it will make you think of that revolting boy in year 6 you thought you was in love with at one point.

But not all of their songs are about love but about loss too, and not just a person. But a memory, time and place. Specifically childhood, innocence and ‘Youth’ which we can all relate too in one form or another.

Their old sound, album and vibes are not completely different to their new release. There is still an element of being able to verbalise emotions eloquently, we all struggle to deal with. The soft strumming of chords echo in the background now accompanied with a ‘techno’ element. It seems wrong describing it in that way, maybe I’m not doing it any justice, but there is a soft electronic pings that really set their new records off, particularly in ‘New Waves’. It is natural for a band to develop their sound as they grow too, perhaps they are entwining the techno element that has recently taken over the UK.

Don’t change too much though, Daughter. We love you for the crispness in your voice and folk-esc sensation. 
Jamie XX was first known to be a member of the sensational band ‘The XX’. The band specialised in the eerie techno and really embraced the urbanisation of the music industry. The synth-like beats make a frequent appearance in almost every track. It seemed to fill a dark void that drum and bass left at the time. Seeped into the cracks and fill them to the brim with emotional lyrics almost like poems. When Jamie XX went solo I personally expected to be a personal trail similar to that of the bands, but I was completely wrong.

Jamie XX has taken a plunge into a completely different pool. Dance music to be more precise. And it’s not the usual thumping were used to hearing, it’s a far cry from ‘House Every Weekend’ (not that we don’t all dance to it when it comes in your local shitty club). His sound is more uplifting, a little more inspiring. My favourite song of his is ‘I Know There’sGonna Be’. In my eyes it’s a dance song with a twist. The song starts differently to how it ends, kind of a transformation within a song, it turns into an absolute banger. So if you haven’t heard it, now’s your chance.

I know I said about him being in a completely different pool and reinventing his own sound, diving into a different genre, but he kept his well trusted rubber dingy. Especially in the song ‘Loud Places’ with the techno element, and the crisp, raw melody over laying the instruments that had was a part of his previous band. The singing in the foreground really speaking to the listener. The rest of the album is a mix match of music genres, with most of the songs sounding completely different to one and other. There isn’t a persistent ‘theme’. Describing the album as a whole is really fucking difficult, so you’re best of just to give it a listen.

Jamie XX is already an artist in his own right, I cannot wait to hear the new music he continues to produce. It seems he has made a mark on the dance scene, but also fits comfortably into the alternative music genre, similar to that of The XX. His album cover seems to be perfect, mirroring his music. Bright, eccentric, quirky and unique. 

He may have borrowed ideas from elsewhere, but the way he has mashed it together is completely his own.