Jaden Smith hasn’t lived off his dad’s fame, it seems almost from the womb he has made a name from himself. And it’s not the typical bullshit either. Jaden has recently become the face of the women’s campaign by Louis Vuitton. After dabbling in to acting and musician it comes as no surprise that he is adding another string to his bow.

By becoming the face of a women’s campaign he is gender bending, pushing the boundaries of the genders and the stereotypes surrounding them. It seems he has taken the ‘rule’ book and ripped it to shreds. Finally. This emerged when he took part in a short film called The Heroine, where he features alongside other models. The films caption stated “Among them are Jaden Smith, the young hero of a new generation that worships stylistic freedom.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.;center,top&resize=2000:*&output-format=image/jpeg&output-quality=75

In the campaign Jaden is rocking a mesh skirt with a mixture of black and camel colours, a piece that would have traditionally been seen as feminine. But the ‘free’ spirit who embodies all genders pulls it off really well.

Hopefully we can continue to see this kind of movement elsewhere in the fashion industry, from catwalk shows to high street designers. In the future there may be more males featuring in women’s campaigns and vice versa.
If you haven’t noticed Amsterdam is everywhere on social media lately. People are tweeting about their experiences, writing blog posts and snapping pictures on Instagram. It seems that everyone cannot get enough of the beautiful city. But why?

Is it because they are one of the top cities in the world when it comes to gender equality? Or could it be that they have really good public transport? Or maybe it’s the fact that everyone there is really relaxed, happy and friendly? Or it could be that their government is forward thinking and has decriminalised Marijuana and provide coffee shops for those inclined to smoke in? Or possibly that the clubs, pubs and atmospheric venues are the perfect place for a messy get away?

Probably all of the above and more.

I personally haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, but I plan to this year. Amsterdam has a collection of art galleries where you can explore some culture, the natural world and sometimes the obscure. Amsterdam is also famous for its sex museum, which I’m told you have to visit. They also have their very own ‘icebar’ which is a huge hit on Instagram.
Amsterdam also holds host to a variety of festivals, including from the ordinary music festivals to the festival of lights.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to go to Dam.

Barrett showcased their Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 menswear collection. The catwalk showcased materials and cuts that are already huge these winter months. Barrett has styled the models in a mixture between formal and casual. The trousers which are tailored to the leg and turn up just above the ankle give a sense of formality, but mixed with the bright jumpers and big shearling coats it mixes with a relaxed, work man feel.

The whole collection is made up mainly of earthy colours, of browns, greens, navy blues with pops of baby blue, oranges and yellow. Barrett is juxta positioning the natural and the man made which oppose each other beautifully in his collection.

Barrett’s collection includes a range of materials, from wool, to fur, to leather. Varying the materials continues to please the eye but also maintain interest. They’re all similar, but different in the varying colours or materials.

One of my favourite details of the collection is the trousers. During the beginning of the collection the trousers are all of a dark colour, either navy or dark brown. All of them are turned up just above the ankle with the socks shown behind. I see this style daily, not on the runway but walking down the shops. I like how Barrett has incorporated the style from the streets, and even taken inspirations by including the coats which have recently made a comeback.

There are thousands, upon thousands that are a part of the music industry. With new artists emerging every year, all armed with new material. In the UK alone there are a number of festivals held every year, from Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, T in the Park and Isle of Wight. During 2014 it was noted that half of the acts playing at Glastonbury were male. What about the female artists? The female bands? With all this diversity there isn’t an excuse to include popular female bands.


The study that took place in 2014 highlighted some shocking facts, that just 3.5% of festivals acts were all-female bands. Which is absolutely unacceptable compared to the 43% of all-male bands. Emily Eavis theorganiser, recently spoke to Noisey and stated that “We are strong on women this year”. She is also aiming towards a more diverse line up for the 2016 show, she said that it’s “Very easy to fill the stages up with more predictable acts”.

Could the previous, male dominated line-up be institutional sexism, or does it reflect the audiences taste in music, do they simply prefer males? Those who attend the festival have a diverse music taste which differs from person to person, this goes against the male dominated acts in previous years. It is exciting to see an organiser taking a head on approach, changing the ‘traditional’.

Now it’s time for the other festivals in the UK to follow in their footsteps. Acknowledge the lack of female bands and take an active role into improving that.
David Bowie sadly passed away on the 10th of January 2016 after having suffered with cancer. Only a select few knew of his suffering, he kept the whole situation private and close to his chest. After the news broke thousands of fans in the UK sobbed, along with others around the world. Even celebrities paid tributes to their friend, a talented man via social media. Fans gathered in Brixton, David Bowie's hometown to celebrate their hero. Many straddled bins to sing and dance, a video appeared on the side of tall buildings and amp blasted ‘Let’s Dance’, everyone rose to the occasion. The mourning seemed to spread and hit those in New York, where fans placed flowers and candles outside of his apartment in Manhattan.

Bowie’s music on Spotify shot up, with some reminiscing over the memories, or some even listening to him for the first time. Bars, pubs and other venues globally played Bowie's music to honour his extravagant life. However, I didn’t listen to any Bowie music, in fact I don’t like his music, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of Bowie.

David Bowie was much more than just a musician. He was someone from a privileged background, he didn’t ignore his roots but used his voice to question the music industry, in particular MTV on their racism, their lack of black artists on the radio and television. Although I’m not a fan of his music, he moved mountains for the music industry, the revolutionised it.

Bowie also bended, distorted and questioned gender and sexuality. He wore what he wanted, when he wanted, he could wear a suit but the next day wear a leotard. He made everyone question traditional gender roles. He opened up the fashion industry, blurring the boundaries between ‘male’ and ‘female’. He was the most experimental person of his time, not only in fashion but branching out into painting, acting and miming. There was no boundaries for him, there isn’t any boundaries for anyone.

I don’t like Bowie’s music, but I’m a fan of Bowie. I’m a fan because he made all the quirky outcasts, the weirdo’s, the outsiders feel proud of who they are. To love themselves.

Thank you David Bowie for transforming the world we live. I, like many others hope you have gone back to your planet, Starman.

So a new year means more great music, new singles albums, festivals and gigs. I cannot wait. After missing gig season in late 2015 because of crippling student debt I’m more eager than ever. Many bands and artist didn’t wait too long into the new year before dropping hints that new material is going to be released.

MGMT’s twitter accounted tweeted on the December 25th, even before the new year began that “2016 is the year MGMT re-dominates your mind hole , see you then <3”. If you’re not familiar with them I suggest you listen to ‘Kids’ and ‘Electric Feel’. I’m so fed up of listening to their old material, they’re tunes but I think we’re all ready for fresh meat. And if they play at Reading even fucking better.

Two Door Cinema Club didn’t even hint at the idea of new music, they told us straight that our ears will be graced this year. They’re not as big as they use to be, I suppose the hype kind of died down, but could the fan rally be starting up again?

Vampire Weekend, well Ezra Koenig tweeted a very cryptic tweet which I’m still trying to figure out, but I’m sure it means 2016 is a prosperous year, for all of us. Unfortunately they will never release a song better than Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.

So with those little treasures brightening up our year, or at least hinting that they will, 2016 isn’t looking as dull as it did before.

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner are releasing their own clothing brand CaKe, a combination of both of their names. The supermodels brand is no doubt going to have an off-duty model feel.

According to a ‘source’ the brand is supposed to be launching online very soon. So keep your eyes peeled. The collection is set to include that of beanie hats and slogan tees. It is also rumoured that Kendall is the brains behind the brand, could she have taken inspiration by Kanye? I’m sure he could give her some free tips, they are now family after all.

The best friends are among those of the most photographed in the world so it is fair to say that they will have a huge audience, fans who will buy the clothing line, but also critics all over the world.

This isn’t the first time Kendall has involved herself in the fashion industry, she is no longer just modelling the clothes but designing them now. She collaborated with her sister Kyle for a selection of clothes to be included in high street brands such as Topshop. But this is nothing new for Cara either, she has recently been selling clothing, more specifically sweatshirts for charity.

I cannot wait to see the outcome of this. Whatever it is going to succeed, their fans will swarm in the thousands to grab hold of the items. I’m just hoping that they’re not stupidly over-priced. Fingers crossed. 
The Stone Roses are back once again. The glorious English band originally from Manchester are ready to shake the UK once again. After their debut album in 1989 I doubt they would have imagined that they would get this welcoming response.

After forming in 1983 and being around for what it seems thousands of years, it’s no wonder all the generations are fans with millions scrambling to get tickets to see them tour in 2016. Of course all venues are now sold out with odd tickets still floating about that will no doubt cost you more than your soul.

 I have to say that I was never really a fan of The Stone Roses until quite recently. God I hate it when people jump on the latest band hype? But it’s because of everyone talking about them that has made me want to listen to them.

After watching Spike Island it was confirmed, in love. That film is so well written and the way the describe The Stone Roses and music in general is exquisite. They managed to capture what a gig really feels like. The atmosphere that seems to shake the ground. Friends, enemies and strangers coming together by one force. The Stone Roses. If you haven’t watched Spike Island I strong suggest you do, the music is a huge element but it’s also about the gangs triumphs and mischief. God I wish I was an edgy teenager like them.

The Stone Roses have toured before, they’ve headline festivals but I’ve never seen this much of a reaction. Those lucky enough to see them at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium or at T in the Park, fucking relish in it.

My favourite songs are; I Wanna Be Adored, Waterfall and I Am The Resurrection.

You can also see The Stone Roses in action via a documentary filmed by Shane Meadows. 
Everyone remembers a band first stepping onto the scene that everyone seemed to love at the time, but for some reason you never listened to them. When you then discover them weeks, months or years down the line you kind of kick yourself as you finally realise what you’ve been missing out on.

This usually happens with some indie band that no one has heard of before and next fucking thing they’re headlining NME tent at Reading festival. Well this happened to me recently, and it wasn’t some alternative band.

I got some headphones and wanted to listen to some sweaty tunes. Some how Hozier didn’t fill this need. So I listened to Chase and Status. For the first fucking time ever. I am sorely disappointed that I hadn’t given them a chance before, for some twisted reason I thought they were like N-Dubz. What the fuck right?

So now I cannot stop listening to Chase and Status, I think the album ‘No More Idols’ and ‘Brand New Machine’ are fucking incredible. But when I play them in front of everyone else they’re just stood there asking to play something more recent. Of course everyone loves the classics but they don’t want to listen to the full album like I do.

I am utterly ashamed of myself. I can’t even describe their genre of music? Whatever it is I enjoy it. I suppose it’s kind of dance music mixed with grime? I haven’t a clue really.

If you haven’t listened to Chase and Status (you probably have) or haven’t listened to them in a while, for christ sake listen to ‘International’, ‘Blind Faith’, ‘Hitz’ and ‘Brixton Briefcase’. Fuck it just listen to the wholefucking album.