Jaden Smith hasn’t lived off his dad’s fame, it seems almost from the womb he has made a name from himself. And it’s not the typical bullshit either. Jaden has recently become the face of the women’s campaign by Louis Vuitton. After dabbling in to acting and musician it comes as no surprise that he is adding another string to his bow.

By becoming the face of a women’s campaign he is gender bending, pushing the boundaries of the genders and the stereotypes surrounding them. It seems he has taken the ‘rule’ book and ripped it to shreds. Finally. This emerged when he took part in a short film called The Heroine, where he features alongside other models. The films caption stated “Among them are Jaden Smith, the young hero of a new generation that worships stylistic freedom.” Couldn’t have put it better myself.;center,top&resize=2000:*&output-format=image/jpeg&output-quality=75

In the campaign Jaden is rocking a mesh skirt with a mixture of black and camel colours, a piece that would have traditionally been seen as feminine. But the ‘free’ spirit who embodies all genders pulls it off really well.

Hopefully we can continue to see this kind of movement elsewhere in the fashion industry, from catwalk shows to high street designers. In the future there may be more males featuring in women’s campaigns and vice versa.

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