Watching the Amy documentary was a whirl wind of talent twisted with addiction and sadness. Mesmerising but heart-breaking at the same time. Sitting back and watching her take a downwards spiral, again. Throughout Amy’s career she suffered from darkness, alcohol, drugs, eating disorders and fame. She finally escaped these demons through her death.

Watching her life collapse for the second time, this time through a documentary was more than tough. When her life began to collapse I was younger, back then it seemed sad but now it seems cruel. The footage highlighted how the media played an active role in her life, and not for the better. When she was seriously ill they were still shoving camera’s down her throat, the breakup of her relationship, admission to rehab, tours and wild nights out that seemed to last for weeks at a time.

I feel privileged to have watched private, home videos. Her character (that she seemed to have bags of) was shown at a young age, one of my favourites when she sang happy birthday to a friend, she was so fresh faced, happy and carefree. She was yet to realise her potential, way before fame swallowed her up and spat her out.

Winehouse is an icon, and always shall be. She was something that no one in the music industry had seen before, and unlike one we will ever see again. Honoured to have witnessed it first-hand. She wasn’t your typical artist, her hair wasn’t slicked back and she didn’t have airbrushed skin. She had a lip piercing and a collection of quirky tattoos. Through her dress and music it was almost as if she encouraged anyone listening to be who they wanted, dress as they wish. She was a girl from an average background who made it big with an extraordinary voice.

Although fame destroyed the person we knew at first it wasn’t so twisted. I’m glad that for a brief period of time she was happy. Living in Camden and playing pool with her friends. She done as she wanted, her own person that was near on impossible to control.
She really came to life when surrounded by those she loved. Watching her fooling around in Spain was a personal highlight on mine. Seeing her act up in front of her friend by pretending to be a Spanish person giving a tour of her ‘luxurious’ accommodation. Comedy 

“I don’t think I could handle it. I think I’d go mad.” 

RIP Winehouse, you beautiful, wonderful person.