Everyone remembers a band first stepping onto the scene that everyone seemed to love at the time, but for some reason you never listened to them. When you then discover them weeks, months or years down the line you kind of kick yourself as you finally realise what you’ve been missing out on.

This usually happens with some indie band that no one has heard of before and next fucking thing they’re headlining NME tent at Reading festival. Well this happened to me recently, and it wasn’t some alternative band.

I got some headphones and wanted to listen to some sweaty tunes. Some how Hozier didn’t fill this need. So I listened to Chase and Status. For the first fucking time ever. I am sorely disappointed that I hadn’t given them a chance before, for some twisted reason I thought they were like N-Dubz. What the fuck right?

So now I cannot stop listening to Chase and Status, I think the album ‘No More Idols’ and ‘Brand New Machine’ are fucking incredible. But when I play them in front of everyone else they’re just stood there asking to play something more recent. Of course everyone loves the classics but they don’t want to listen to the full album like I do.

I am utterly ashamed of myself. I can’t even describe their genre of music? Whatever it is I enjoy it. I suppose it’s kind of dance music mixed with grime? I haven’t a clue really.

If you haven’t listened to Chase and Status (you probably have) or haven’t listened to them in a while, for christ sake listen to ‘International’, ‘Blind Faith’, ‘Hitz’ and ‘Brixton Briefcase’. Fuck it just listen to the wholefucking album. 

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