Kings of Leon, an American band has had a huge success in the United Kingdom with thousands of people loving their sounds. Me being one of them. To date they have had 9 songs that have entered into the Top 40 Singles and even snatching two brit awards in 2008 which was well deserved.

KOL have released six albums since forming in 2000. Youth and Young Manhood was released in 2003. Their next album is one of my favourites titled Aha Shake Heartbreak which hit the UK during 2004. The third album Because of the Times was released in 2007, their albums just keep getting better and better. Only by the Night was released in 2008, followed by Come Around Sundown in 2010 and Mechanical Bull in 2013.

So where the fuck is the next album then eh?

With Reading and Leeds 2016 just around the corner I am hoping and praying that they make an appearance, headliner or not I need to see them.

KOL at the moment seem to be playing lots of gigs in America at the moment including headlining Firefly music festival, but it’s been pretty quiet here in the UK. It has even been pretty quiet on their Twitter account with very little updates, if at all.
There is only so many times I can listen to McFearless, Closer, I Want You and Milk before they become a little dry.

Come on KOL, release a new album, tour the UK, headline Reading. JUST DO SOMETHING.

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