The first Reading headliner act has been released, it’s Red Hot Chili Peppers and I’m fucking ecstatic. By the looks of things everyone else is also happy with the first act after the official twitter account @OfficialRandL got over 2,000 Retweets and nearly 4,000 Favourites. After not playing at the festival for 9 years they are finally returning to the mainstage in 2016. The wait for August to come around is going to be painful, but the show they put on will be mesmerising. It has to be or they won’t have them back for another nine.

The other acts that was first to be announced include the 1975, Courteeners, Boy Better Know, Twenty One Pilots, Rat Boy, Crossfaith, DJ EZ and Slaves. 2016 Reading and Leeds will be one to remember, you don’t want to miss out. If I wasn’t so skint I would buy mine now. Imagine them selling out, makes me feel sick even thinking about it.

I have seen RHCP before, 2012 at Knebworth. I can remember their set vividly but I don’t think I appreciated their music as much as I do now. Way back then I was in my worst top 40 phase, instant regret now looking back.

When I got to Knebworth I hadn’t seen anything like it. It was genuinely like a mini festival with one main stage that all the artists performed on. The first support act to come on stage was Reverend and The Makers, they were alternative folk like band and a nice way to start the day.

The next act on stage was Dizzee Rascal, someone you wouldn’t have thought to support RHCP but it fucking worked. A little embarrassing but he was actually pretty good live and I can now brag that I’ve seen Bonkers live. He got the crowd jumping and rowdy, sparking a water bottle fight between the two sides of the stage.

RHCP are fucking amazing live. The moment when they came on stage was unbelievable. Not only do they sound like they do on their albums but they have so much stage presents. The whole crowd was fixated, chanting the words back to the band on stage. I however was somewhat distracted by my drunken Dad who I had to help stand and stop him from wandering off. Never the less it was still an amazing show.!/image/4220438972.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_490/4220438972.jpg

The lights and flames were unlike anything I had seen before. And I haven’t seen anything like it since. The anticipation for their August performance is already intense, I cannot wait. 

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