If you haven’t noticed Amsterdam is everywhere on social media lately. People are tweeting about their experiences, writing blog posts and snapping pictures on Instagram. It seems that everyone cannot get enough of the beautiful city. But why?

Is it because they are one of the top cities in the world when it comes to gender equality? Or could it be that they have really good public transport? Or maybe it’s the fact that everyone there is really relaxed, happy and friendly? Or it could be that their government is forward thinking and has decriminalised Marijuana and provide coffee shops for those inclined to smoke in? Or possibly that the clubs, pubs and atmospheric venues are the perfect place for a messy get away?

Probably all of the above and more.

I personally haven’t been to Amsterdam yet, but I plan to this year. Amsterdam has a collection of art galleries where you can explore some culture, the natural world and sometimes the obscure. Amsterdam is also famous for its sex museum, which I’m told you have to visit. They also have their very own ‘icebar’ which is a huge hit on Instagram.
Amsterdam also holds host to a variety of festivals, including from the ordinary music festivals to the festival of lights.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to go to Dam.

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