Barrett showcased their Autumn/Winter 2016-2017 menswear collection. The catwalk showcased materials and cuts that are already huge these winter months. Barrett has styled the models in a mixture between formal and casual. The trousers which are tailored to the leg and turn up just above the ankle give a sense of formality, but mixed with the bright jumpers and big shearling coats it mixes with a relaxed, work man feel.

The whole collection is made up mainly of earthy colours, of browns, greens, navy blues with pops of baby blue, oranges and yellow. Barrett is juxta positioning the natural and the man made which oppose each other beautifully in his collection.

Barrett’s collection includes a range of materials, from wool, to fur, to leather. Varying the materials continues to please the eye but also maintain interest. They’re all similar, but different in the varying colours or materials.

One of my favourite details of the collection is the trousers. During the beginning of the collection the trousers are all of a dark colour, either navy or dark brown. All of them are turned up just above the ankle with the socks shown behind. I see this style daily, not on the runway but walking down the shops. I like how Barrett has incorporated the style from the streets, and even taken inspirations by including the coats which have recently made a comeback.

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