Jamie XX was first known to be a member of the sensational band ‘The XX’. The band specialised in the eerie techno and really embraced the urbanisation of the music industry. The synth-like beats make a frequent appearance in almost every track. It seemed to fill a dark void that drum and bass left at the time. Seeped into the cracks and fill them to the brim with emotional lyrics almost like poems. When Jamie XX went solo I personally expected to be a personal trail similar to that of the bands, but I was completely wrong.

Jamie XX has taken a plunge into a completely different pool. Dance music to be more precise. And it’s not the usual thumping were used to hearing, it’s a far cry from ‘House Every Weekend’ (not that we don’t all dance to it when it comes in your local shitty club). His sound is more uplifting, a little more inspiring. My favourite song of his is ‘I Know There’sGonna Be’. In my eyes it’s a dance song with a twist. The song starts differently to how it ends, kind of a transformation within a song, it turns into an absolute banger. So if you haven’t heard it, now’s your chance.

I know I said about him being in a completely different pool and reinventing his own sound, diving into a different genre, but he kept his well trusted rubber dingy. Especially in the song ‘Loud Places’ with the techno element, and the crisp, raw melody over laying the instruments that had was a part of his previous band. The singing in the foreground really speaking to the listener. The rest of the album is a mix match of music genres, with most of the songs sounding completely different to one and other. There isn’t a persistent ‘theme’. Describing the album as a whole is really fucking difficult, so you’re best of just to give it a listen.

Jamie XX is already an artist in his own right, I cannot wait to hear the new music he continues to produce. It seems he has made a mark on the dance scene, but also fits comfortably into the alternative music genre, similar to that of The XX. His album cover seems to be perfect, mirroring his music. Bright, eccentric, quirky and unique. 

He may have borrowed ideas from elsewhere, but the way he has mashed it together is completely his own.

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