During the early months of 2016 they have released their second album titled “Not to Disappear”. Could this be taken literally? Making another mark on the music scene so their listeners wouldn’t forget their sounds?

After the release of their second album, which is set to be huge after a massive amount of positive vibes for “Numbers”, it only makes sense to look at their previous sound and the band as a whole.

Describe as a ‘folk’ band, earning their title by their soothing voice and acoustic sensation. But they are so much more than that.

The first time I had ever encountered Daughter was when I stumbled on their ‘ The Wild Youth’ EP back in 2011. I listened to their song ‘Youth’ on Youtube, I know, I managed to discover new music without the effortless assistance of Spotify. I sat there, headphones in and seemed to be transported into a different world, one where everything seemed breezy, hazy and light. Not described as happy per say, Daughters’ lyrics are moving and deep, they sing frequently about inner emotions and thoughts that others cannot put into words.

Elena’s voice seems to hum and purr gently over the bands mellow plucking. Her voice is captivating and somewhat encompassing, if you haven’t personally experienced some of the scenarios they are singing then it will make you think of that revolting boy in year 6 you thought you was in love with at one point.

But not all of their songs are about love but about loss too, and not just a person. But a memory, time and place. Specifically childhood, innocence and ‘Youth’ which we can all relate too in one form or another.

Their old sound, album and vibes are not completely different to their new release. There is still an element of being able to verbalise emotions eloquently, we all struggle to deal with. The soft strumming of chords echo in the background now accompanied with a ‘techno’ element. It seems wrong describing it in that way, maybe I’m not doing it any justice, but there is a soft electronic pings that really set their new records off, particularly in ‘New Waves’. It is natural for a band to develop their sound as they grow too, perhaps they are entwining the techno element that has recently taken over the UK.

Don’t change too much though, Daughter. We love you for the crispness in your voice and folk-esc sensation. 

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