So there might be a few spoiler alerts in here, that’s just a heads up!

Walking into the cinema I didn’t really know what to expect, others have said it’s a gripping movie and similar in some ways to ‘Gone Girl’, I totally understand the reference. There is a shit load of twists and turns in this film, like Gone Girl, so be prepared for your mind to be fucked a thousand times over.
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For the first 45 minutes not a lot happens, but stick with it, what you watch in those minutes’ sets up the story perfectly. It establishes a bassline, what you believe to be true. It tells you about the wife, the ex-wife, the girl next door, the boyfriend, the husband etc. Yeah it’s complicated.

The story line, it’s most basic form, is about a murder of a seemingly innocent ‘girl next door’ type. The film looks at all the characters that might have committed the murder. There is a lot more to it than that, but I don’t want to give too much away!

Throughout the entire film you are convinced it’s the alcoholic ex-wife, her life is falling apart, she’s stalking everyone and being really creepy. I mean who gets a train everyday into the city when she got fired from her job? Of course she killed her right?
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Most of the film is shot from one point of view, from one particular character. But then it switches and shows you the story from a completely different angle. Everything you thought you knew, well, it turns out you don’t know shit.

My favourite bit in the film was when he got a cork screw to the neck, bastard had it coming. Admittedly me and Sam half squealed and hid at that bit. 

It's definitely worth going to see or grabbing it on DVD when it comes out.  

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