This legendary band which seems like it is going to last until the end of the world goes, has recently released their 11th album. Unbelievable. RHCP still have the talent and passion to put out new music, and the audience still want to listen and watch them perform after all these years. Maybe they’re like cheese? Maturing with age? The California band seem to reboot themselves after every new album they put out.
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This is album is in complete contrast to a lot of their previous work, it feels like the chili’s have taken us back to the start, where it all began. They’ve torn up the text book completely. The track ‘Dark Necessities’ has proven a huge hit with fans, they abandoned their happy go lucky sound that were so used to hearing, they’ve taken on a more dark feel. Kiedis stated that the songs are “as good as we’ve ever written”.

NME reviewed the album as a poor 3 stars which is completely unjust. Admittedly it takes a few listens to really appreciate the songs but that’s only because its chalk and cheese to what has been released in previous years. This album is old school.
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The structure of the rock and roll band remains intact, everything we love is still there; Fleas solos and funk breakdowns. This album reminds us of why they became as successful as they are today.

Of course the album isn’t for everyone but I would recommend giving it a few listens before making up your mind. When I saw them during the summer of 2016 they were electric and their new songs were well received by the thousands that turned out to see them. 

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