Jamie T is back to making spectacular music that is gracing our ears once again. Moving away from his eccentric, gritty youth that we all adored, he’s no longer singing, well more like raping, about boozy night and cheeky joints. He’s evolved with age as any great artist does. But he’s no grandad yet.

Jamie’s 4th album was well received, everyone literally ate it up after his 5 year break. He finally broke his absence in 2014 and treated us all with the ‘Carry on the Grudge’, now spoiling us with Trick. He rapped about the time spent away, playing on the darker elements of his life. This album just oozed the passion he’s put into it.
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Trick is extremely stripped back and raw, this spreads into every track, especially in the track ‘Solomon Eagle’, which he magnificently intertwines with a semi up beat pop element. Got to move with the times eh?

Putting Jamie into a particular music category is near on impossible. Although he uses elements of Pop, Rap and Rock he doesn’t really belong in those genres. He’s created his own niche, that no one else really fits into. He pulls language into all different directions by incorporating internal rhyming and alliteration.
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In this album he has managed to capture the bland, grey day to day life that we all endure but he turned it into something poetic. This is present in Tescoland and Police tapes. Jamie T almost slates modern technology, especially through the song ‘Drone Strike’, with confusing and sinister-esq lyrics “Guess we’re all out here alone, Like ghosts in the machine”.

My personal favourites are definitely Joan of Arc and Robin Hood. Bangers in their own rights which you can’t help singing along too. 

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