On the 19th of October NME speculated that Gorillaz could release their new song or possibly their whole album. How fucking wrong were they. Of course it was only a speculation but I’m not sure how much of more of this I can take, all of this hype. Just release the new songs. Everyone is practically pleading for it.
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Gorillaz had released the final four stories detailing the fictional band members activities since Plastic Beach. The four digital stories were released via their Twitter page, each short vine like video focused on one particular character. There was; The Book of Noodle, The Book of Russel, The Book of Murdoc and The Book of 2D.
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The whole story was just as bizarre as their music videos. It depicted a dystopic, twisted future, in their recognisable cartoon fashion. If you make any sense of it then please let me know.

Gorillaz have continued to tease eagerly awaiting fans but this time taking to Instagram instead of Twitter. Noodle, the bands guitarist shared a photo and teamed it with a Japanese caption which translates to “Coming Soon”.
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We haven’t had a wiff of anything since 2011 which seems decades ago. Everyone is on the edge of their seats awaiting new content. There is even more speculation that the band would be hitting the road in the coming year. I would love to place some money on Gorillaz headlining Reading and Leeds festival 2017 or Glastonbury festival 2017.

We shall see…

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