I recommend you sit down with a cuppa, this is going to be a long one.

I’ve seen this legendary band once before. I watched them at Knebworth, with my dad of all people. My first large gig, I done it in style. This time, they was back on main stage once again, 2016. What a year for Reading festival.
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RHCP hadn’t returned before 2016 because the organisers said their performance wasn’t up to scratch. But this time, they blew it out of the park. The whole experience felt surreal, almost like an out of body experience. I was seeing a band I had loved for years with some of my closest friends, watching them in the flesh when I had sang my heart out to them in my car endless amount of times before. Everyone from all walks of life, all with different music tastes collided in front of them at main stage. Throughout their set they had every single one of us dangling, clinging on to the edge of every riff.

They sounded brilliant live. From what I can remember they sounded even better than they did at Knebworth. Maybe that’s because I’m slightly older and appreciate their music more? Or could it be that they performed exceptionally hard because they knew they had so much to live up too. They sound like they do on their albums, but with more flare and a lot more attitude. The band bounced off each other, and they certainly lapped up the crowds’ undivided intention.
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My favourite song ever from RHCP is “Scar Tissue” and they played it at Reading. Stood next to my best friends I welled up. We sang our hearts out, waving out arms in the air and clutching each other at one point. Overwhelming to say the least. Of course that wasn’t the only song they featured, they included “Californication”, “Under the Bridge” and “Snow”. I’m sure it’s still on the BBC website so you can watch their whole set.

They’ve recently released a new album, it is a little old school, a little darker but definitely worth a listen. Stay tuned for an album review.

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