Seeing Jamie T in a smaller venue is completely different to seeing him at a festival. It is much more intimate and somewhat more lively. This was almost his come back after going off the radar for a little while and he did not disappoint. Seeing him back on his way to the top, on his feet was warming.

He bounced on stage followed by his band members who occupied the drums and bass guitars. He sported a bright red polo and slicked backed long hair. In some essence he resembled Alex Turner. He certainly summoned his bad, can do attitude and gave it his all throughout his set. The first song he released from his new album ‘Trick’ was Tinfoil Boy, across a variety of different social media outlets the response was cold. Avid fans and new listeners thought the song lacked momentum and didn’t reflect the singer they have all came to love. Seeing Tinfoil Boy live however, was a different experience entirely. The song sounded as if it had much more beat and depth than it did pre-recorded. The darker undertones really came out in the song, the dark theme persisted throughout his new album.

At the guildhall he done a mish mash of all his albums, changing the set list every night. Commitment eh? He couldn’t do a gig and not perform the classics like ‘Sheila’ and If You Got The Money. From the album ‘Kings and Queens’ he played 368, which got the packed crowd screeching from the top of their lungs. Jamie also featured a few songs from ‘Carry on the Grudge’ such as Don’t You Find which was lapped up by everyone at Guildhall that night. His new album dominated the night though with Tinfoil Boy, Power Over Men, Joan of Arc and Solomon Eagle.

He is currently touring the UK at a variety of different venues. Definitely get some tickets if they’re still available!

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