Before stepping into the Festival Republic stage, well I say stepping more like dragged in by a friend, I had never heard any of their songs, I didn’t know who The Hunna was. Because of this I was more than a little reluctant to go in, I didn’t want to stand there looking like an idiot frankly, but I am so glad I did.

A group of us stood towards the back of the tent, partly because we didn’t know many of their songs and partly because it was so crowded there wasn’t a chance we was getting any further. Even though quite a way at the back the electric atmosphere still reached us, engulfing us all.
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The band played their hearts out, the crowd lapping up every minute. A beautiful, harmonic relationship. They gave the crowd what they were aching for and in return the lyrics were chanted back, word for word. I cannot imagine how that would have felt, to have a mass amount of people chanting your song back to you.

Before their set was over I too was singing back to them, at least I think those were the words?

Since leaving my homeland that is Reading, I haven’t stopped listening to them, on repeat all day, every day. I’ve now found my favourite song by them, Bonfire. Would recommend giving it a listen!
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I planned to see this amazing band at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth, unfortunately I couldn’t go due to sickness. Next time Hunna, next time. 

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