Take Control, a 16 track album, was highly anticipated album following their previous ‘Are You Satisfied?’ It was a tough act to follow but it was received with open arms and roaring from the masses.
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This album, in contrast to their last, includes numerous collaborations including Beastie 
Boys rapper Mike D. Slaves stepped out into the spotlight, with their first release, putting everything on the line which more than paid off. Now it’s almost keeping up appearances, so to speak. They had to run alongside competing artists which new sounds and new artists, boy have that done that. Ever since they first graced our ears they haven’t really left us. Thank fuck.
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One of my favourite songs from the album is ‘Spit It Out’. I first heard this when they rocked main stage during reading 2016. It was fresh, punchy and had bags full of attitude. Typical Slaves but with a little twist. Like a normal glass of orange juice but now with a shot of Vodka. It still had everything we loved though, it was louder than ever and still aggressive.
Laurie Vincent, one half of the duo, commented on their new album saying; “it’s some very old Slaves, some last album Slaves and some new’s heavy lyrically and how it sounds.” Summed up perfectly. 

Even the new album cover is developed and edgy – just like their sound. The cover resembles Laurie’s graffiti-esq design style. It incorporates their clothing brand ‘Young Lovers Club’. I’m dying to buy a piece from their site, just waiting for my bank account to spontaneously increase. Student life is tough.

I’d say this a 4 star album without a doubt. It’s a prominent album within the 2016 music scene and incredibly difficult to overlook. If you’re lucky enough to see them on their upcoming tour, it’s going to be explosive. Get ready.

I cannot wait to see what Slaves have to offer next. 

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