True Romance (1993) is possibly the best film I’ve ever seen. It’s a true masterpiece. I’m so glad my dad showed me this hidden gem. Set in Detroit it is surrounded by rundown buildings and gangs but some of the scenes are truly picture-esc.

I don’t want to ruin the plot otherwise what’s the point in you going to watch it? An everyday man Clarence falls in love with a hooker called Alabama and accidentally steals cocaine from her pimp. The plot gets more complicated minute by minute but the Director Tony Scott always captured the un-dying love between the pair, how every turn they’re always there for each other, it’s their main concern.

I think one of the reasons this film is fucking fantastic is that Quentin Tarantino is the writer. It shows. All of his movies are amazing Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs are classics that everyone enjoys. The soundtrack has been seamlessly intertwined with the movie, it’s not what you’d expect but it works so well and it’s really emotional. (Well I think so anyway).

I’m not entirely sure why this film isn’t as well known, it has been executed perfectly. Christian Slater is an amazing actor, how he manages to keep a straight face when talking to Elvis which is his inner persona I do not know. Patricia Arquette should have won a medal for her role, she fully devotes herself to Clarence and it really is believable. Even when she has blood dripping down her face she is still beautiful.

This is the soundtrack used in the film. My dad got married to this song because the love story reminded him of his then wife, how fucking cool is that. 

Go watch this film whenever you can. Preferably immediately. 

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