Rihanna X Puma


Rihanna is now Pumas brand ambassador and creative director, and now has her own collection called Fenty, RiRi is unstoppable.

The new collection is said to combine and capture Rihanna’s free spirit and her creative energy, Rihanna spoke about the collection itself and said “It’s great to find a brand that celebrates strength and individuality.”

We’re not disagreeing with you there. The shoes, labelled as creepers are some quirky concoction that we haven’t seen before. It includes the traditional feature of a platform sole but that’s all. Everything else has been revolutionised.

The shoe has a trainer feel on top, with the laces and the shape of the shoe. All the creepers from the Fenty collection are suede and include the Puma brand on the side of the shoe. They also include the dynamics of the Puma trainer with the stitching being visible on the outside in a swooping motion on the sides of the shoe.

They come in a variety of colours; black, beige, greys and browns. All very neutral colours that can be easily worked into any outfit in everyday life. Perfect for the everyday person.

They are magnificent and I’m eager to get my hands on a pair but for now I’ll just lust over them. The collection has already been released and of course is now sold out. Holding my breath and hoping they will be re-stocked soon. 

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