Rick Owens latest collection at Paris Fashion Week has yet again caused controversy and raised a few eyebrows. But it comes as no surprise as the previous year he sent his models down the runway with their penises out. He needed to turn heads and get people’s attention and that’s exactly what he did. 

The models reportedly wore pieces of ‘sculptural silk gazar’ which had been accessorised with human backpacks and fanny packs. Some of the models were on their back whilst others cradled them at the front. It was dynamic and interesting to put it in simple terms. 

Apparently Owens was making a feminist statement; “women raising women, women becoming women and women supporting women”. It is evident that in society the media has turned females against each other for several years, seeing them as the enemy and threatening. It’s refreshing to see the designers ideas behind the collection and it genuinely having relevance on today’s society. 

This fashion runway also focuses in on the constantly evolving fashion world that we have created. The catwalk has now become a show, a performance often with dynamic layouts, music and accessories enhancing the experience. 

Owens collection, amongst many others have changed the perception of the fashion world and the impact is has on a ground level, affecting your average joe and not just your designer in Paris sitting in the front row. New and important messages such as feminism, slavery and capitalism are frequently entwined into the show left for the audience to untangle. 

There has been a resemblance of the Human Centipede in this collection though…,c_limit,q_jpegmini,f_auto/GettyImages-490861938_ng0z1u.jpg

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