It’s no longer rumoured but confirmed that there is going to be a sequel to Danny Boyle’s film Trainspotting. It's actually fucking happening. It’s clear that everyone’s eager to see the follow up for the classic 1996 film. 

Apparently the filming will take place next May or June so there is still a little wait before it graces our screens once again. It’s a huge sigh of relief that all the boys are back in, Renton, Begbie, Spud and Sickboy will shock and amuse us once more.

Apparently the budget blows the previous one out the water with £13m. The bigger the better but I hope that it doesn’t lose the grime-y feel that was in the previous film. It is important that the audience still get the depressed feel of Edinburgh.  We still want those heroin addicts to be shooting up in dark, dingy places. We still want the brutal daily life that a drug addict faces.

We all remember those amazing scenes where he dived into the diarrhoea filled toilet and the violent fuelled scene at the pub. We hope that this film doesn’t lose its twisted sense of humour.

But there is a habit with sequels. That usually they’re shit and ruin the legacy of the first film. Don’t do it to us Boyle's. We’ll never forgive you.

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