You might be asking why am I doing a Reading 2015 review now? Well I am currently having serious festival blues sitting in my halls of residents at university, listening to the playlist I devised.

This was my second year attending reading festival and by far the best year. Reading 2014 was amazing, but this time it was on a different level. I supposed it helped that I wasn’t camping in white! (The family section, avoid at all costs)

There isn’t a better feeling than being in a muddy field (practically a swamp this year) with all your friends, drinking Asda price vodka or original Strongbow but adding blackcurrant. The first day is when you get absolutely shit faced, you have too, it is the initiation of attending reading festival.

In the drunken haze of the night before you slept in your coat. You can start to smell your friends sweat, but you’ll get use to that by end of day Friday, it will just be the typical reading smell. The Friday is when the un-organised idiots arrive for the weekend festival, they inevitably ask you to save them space in your camp but some fucker is already parked up on your sleeping compartment.

Anyway down to the actual bands.

Friday was kind of a blur, a drunken, erratic blur. In all honesty I didn’t see many bands that day, I was too concerned with sleeping off my hangover. The bands I did see were absolutely phenomenal. Alt J on the main stage were emotional. I remember their set so vividly and even get goose bumps when listening to their songs now. Their set was so tranquil and captivating. There wasn’t the usual jumpiness that is present in many other sets at reading, everyone was just stood in the moment. Their set was minimalist and raw, you could hear Joe Newman’s every word and the crispness of his vocals. If you ever get the chance to see Alt J live, do not pass it up.

I also saw Peace on that Friday, which was ecstatic. At the time I only knew a few songs of theirs but since coming away from reading festival I have listened to them non-stop. One of my favourite moments was when they played ‘Lovesick’, the whole crowd was bustling, jumping and chanting the lyrics back to Peace. I could only image what the band must have been feeling at that time.

For me personally I thought that Saturday was the best day for music, this was my favourite day. I spent most of it with my friend Daisy, it is incredible sharing a festival with someone because they remember all those hair raising moments. The first band I saw that day were Slaves. Fucking wow. What an incredible duo they are. I remember warily walking into the tent, I’m only short and these are a heavy rock band, I knew there was going to be elbows in faces. And my god there was. You could feel Louie’s strumming, it psychically moved you. By the second song I was clinging onto Daisy for dear life, I didn’t want to lose her because there was no chance I’d find her again. It was crammed and sweaty but I loved every minute of it. During the closing of their set a huge mosh pit opened up, it went from the front of the stage to all the way to right of the tent. I had to go in and I’m so glad I did. Obviously I didn’t die but there were a few punches to the cheekbone and I nearly went down. I feared for my life but I’d do it all over again.

That day I also saw Catfish and the Bottlemen. I had previously seen these in a more intimate gig but they owned the tent. Van’s vocals still amaze me, I think at one point I got a little emotional when he played Kathleen, it is my number one song by them. I screamed the lyrics back to them as loud as I could along with everyone else.

Seeing Royal Blood on the main stage that day was also an incredible experience. This was my first time listening to the duo live after having replayed their album over and over again. I wasn’t disappointed, they sound exactly like they do when you listen to them through your headphones. Except this time you’re in a muddy field with thousands of other people all feeling their music, jumping to each individual beat.

On Sunday I saw Jamie T. Last year I missed his secret set, this year I was determined not to miss him on the main stage. I was right at the front, I could literally see him in person rather than looking at the screen. Him playing 368 was my most memorable moment from his set, I remember scanning the crowd around me, everyone smiling ear to ear and chanting the lyrics back to him. During ‘Money’ I got on some wonderful man’s shoulders (thank you whoever you are). I could see the whole crowd jumping to his song, you could see Jamie T looking visibly proud up on stage. I think the people around me could only hear me singing the song though. Apologises.

Overall Reading festival is something that every young adult should experience. Not only is the line-up always amazing and the bands never disappoint. The fast food is something to write home about and you can even get some vintage garments there too at the many stalls.

I cannot wait to see the Reading 2016 line up, the first headliner and acts will be announced around Christmas time!

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