Distant past is a song featured on Everything Everything's latest album 'Get To Heaven'. Their album was released on June 22nd, since then they have exploded onto the scene. During August bank holiday they played at Reading and Leeds festival which was ecstatic and really boosted their music, appealing to the thousands. 

I personally hadn't heard of them until I walked into the tent at Reading catching the last snippets of Distant Past blaring out. I have been listening to them constantly since that weekend. 

Everything Everything as a band are quirky to say the least, but this song is a little out of the ordinary even for them. It stands head and shoulders above the rest of the songs on the album. Distant Past is a little off-beat, deranged and unbalanced. But it fucking works. 

They have perfectly mashed indie and pop music together to produce this head bopping beat that everyone seems to be playing at the moment. 

I'm not really sure what they're singing about, it all seems quite abstract and dystopic. But I can tell you that I know all the words to this song, and you will as well if you listen to it constantly. 

If you haven't heard the single I'd strong advise you get on it. Now.

Everything Everything are also touring at the moment, all their tour dates and where to purchased the tickets are here:

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