The Wombats performed for us in the NME tent on the Sunday of Reading festival 2016. The Liverpool trio created absolute SCENES in that tent. The whole tent was genuine madness, front to back the crowd was going wild. The tent was filled with buckets of sweat and feet that couldn’t stop moving. 
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The crowd was bouncing from the very moment they appeared on stage. When their most popular indie/electro hits started like “Jump Into the Fog” and “Moving to New York”, everyone’s arms were up in the air, during the chaos I managed to catch glimpses of everyone smiling ear to ear, it was like nothing before.

There wasn’t one person in that tent who didn’t know the words, their set just seemed to persist of banger after banger. How is that even possible? How can one band have so many good hits? The band haven’t released anything for a year, and as far as I’m aware they’ve kind of gone off the radar, it says a lot about them that they can just turn up to Reading festival and play like they’ve never been away.
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I was pretty far back when I watched their performance, and my height didn’t help but when I finally caught a snippet of them stage you could see how they were giving it all their might. As if this was the most important gig they would ever play. They gave their all to us and the crowd fed off it.

Although a predominantly British band they have traveled far and wide, even making a breakthrough in America. They know where their home is, right here in the UK. We love you wombats! 

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