I recently saw Chase and Status live. Last month to exact and the experience was like no other. This almighty drum and bass band with numerous collaborations underneath their belt certainly did not disappoint. When they finally came on the stage the crowd literally erupted, everyone was up in arms and then the bass started. You could feel it in your chest, shaking you. Maybe it wasn’t you shaking, but the concrete beneath?

The gig was as you expect. Messy. At one point I genuinely thought I was going to get crushed, that’s sort of inevitable when you’re 5”3 though. I also realised that I’m perfect elbow height and in some cases, armpit height which is lovely when you get a sweaty pit in your face.

It wasn’t too long into the first song before the first pit opened up. It was similar to that seen at festivals even though this was quite a small venue. There was one man who obviously was off his face just wandering around the circle with is top off and his ass crack showing, which provoked a few chants from the surrounding dancers. Modesty and dignity was out the window.

When ‘No Problem’ came on there was a huge circle formation appeared within seconds. Everyone was ready. You could feel it vibrating where everyone was on their toes dancing. I had to go in. I somehow managed to survive that pit with only bruising to my feet, whereas my friend Daisy got elbows to the face numerous times and almost decked it. Usual hazards.
After that pit closed the remixes began, the heavy bass never seemed to let up and almost suffocated you. You got the compulsive urge to dance as hard as you could for as long as you could, the atmosphere swallowed you up and the crowd carried you. At one point the first three rows came down, helped back on their feet in a matter of seconds though.

Chase and Status, the whole band or their DJ set are amazing music. They bring an electric atmosphere and huge stage presence. If you get the opportunity to see them live then I suggest you do so. If not then just listen to them very loudly and you kind of the get the same feeling. 

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