Another television show that has completely lost its flare. It was fucking magnolia. Yeah Ant and Dec was hosting the awards and everyone loves them, but their banter was completely a miss, they simply aren’t James Corden. Of course the half-naked stripper, dominatrix spiced things up a bit. The look on their faces was a picture. The life-size brit statues didn’t really have the ‘wow’ factor either, it was kind of like Lady Gaga back in 2007 had just accidentally stumbled through the door.

Nothing really exciting happened at The Brits, apart from Adele getting audio mute, someone bloody had too. But that was it. Where was Madonna getting caught in her cape? Or Alex Turner dropping the microphone?

The worst bit of all, the most talked about band, that’s if you can even call them that was Coldplay. Like what the fuck. They made an appearance every two minutes, with their shitty songs. They even wore their own merchandise, who does that? And then Adele kept bobbing her head up, which no one minds of course because she talks common and seems the type of person that you can have a cigarette and a chat with after a heavy night.

The only spectacular part of the whole evening was the David Bowie tribute. Literally tear jerking.

They need to up their fucking standards for next year, hopefully it won’t be as shit. 

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