We’re only the second month into 2016 and already catching a glimpse of the following trends to take over the run ways and high street fashion.

Many of the high street retailers have already caught gravitating towards the new trend, embroidery. But this trend was not cooped up by brands, but designers. They have previously included this element within their run ways. They have set the standard incredibly high.

This trend was recently spotted in Valentino’s, Spring 2015 couture collection. Which was executed magnificently. The collection really grasped the ethnic roots by accentuating the red tones in contrast to white base. Valentino also incorporated boarders and bold patterning, truly capturing the historic print. The collection consisted of a range of garments; not just in the pinafores but with elongated waist coats, mid length skirts and thrilled dresses.

Valentino not only included the traditional print but reworked and revamped it completely. Also featuring floor length frocks with neutral colours, mainly dusky greys, toned blues and muted yellows. The design featured lace layers that extended from the turtle neck, to the cuff of the sleeves and down to the floor. Elegant, classy and timeless.

The collection also included opaque material with embroidery weaved in between the delicate fabric. This was mainly used within the gowns, combined with thick ‘boyfriend’ coats, similar colours and also embroidered with the same pattern and colours. Throughout the run way there was reoccurring theme of thrilled high necks and three quarter thrilled sleeves. The feel of the collection was reminiscent of Shakespearian times, vintage, poetic and magnificent. The gowns were similar to that of a love story, wanting and lusting but unable to obtain. I’m sure many would kill to get their hands on the beautiful, sophisticated clothing.

The high street bands have seen these pieces of art and noted that shoppers are eager to get their hands on. They have taken this popular print and made it their own. Many brands are now taking the design and making it their own. Although the opaque material hasn’t yet hit the high streets the bright floral embroidery has. They have teamed this with black material to highlight the contrast and draw attention to the eye-catching vintage print.

They have used the print and combined it with different materials. They have placed the bright floral embroidery on the pockets of suede skirts, on the neckline of cotton jumpers and on the cuffs and hem of light weight summer dresses.

Embroidery is the perfect transitional trend. It can be worn in the colder months on thicker items of clothing without looking out of place. But also within the warmer months, light weight dresses teamed with lace up sandals can be the perfect summer look this year. The detailing is desired and now readily available so that it can be worked into your own style. 

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