The studio album released on 19th September 2014 has a soothing indie vibe that is seemed popular amongst the thousands, by entering the charts with “Take Me To Church” and “From Eden”. Hozier have also landed playing at Reading and Leeds festival 2014 which was said to be ‘mesmerising’.

The lyrics from their songs are so engaging, mixed with the crispness of his voice it is almost impossible to dislike. The strumming of the chords is magical, you hang off the edges of the riffs. It doesn’t matter if you listen to the album through your headphones or at gig, it is breath taking.

Hozier have done something slightly quirky that I haven’t seen done this way before, they have incorporated a vintage esc feel to their album, they’ve gone back to basics and thrown out the auto-tune with the majority of the album, some R&B elements have been weaved in as well. The whole album is crisp, you can really hear the passion when he sings, almost as if he is pouring his inner most thoughts out to you whilst you sit on the sofa. But it is also something that you can quite easily get up and dance too.

I have listened to the album in full, each song adds something different from talking about religion to weddings to death. I particularly enjoy ‘From Eden’, the rhythm and lyrics tangle between each other and address his romantic craving. 

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