The dynamic duo Isaac Holman and Laurie Vincent known collectively as Slaves are from Tunbridge Wells, they’re fresh on the scene and are causing a stir. Their album “Are you satisfied?” has 13 rock songs that is popular amongst indie rock fans. On the surface their sound seems shout-y and aggressive that you think you’ve heard before, but this is completely different; Isaac the standing drummer rebelliously sings about the bleak society we all live in today evident in the song “Cheer Up London” as the lyrics “put another hole in your pay check, are you done digging your grave yet?” This is more than your stereotypical metal band singing about a girl they loved and lost, these tracks speak to all of us.

Laurie one half of the duo is smothered in tattoo’s and plays guitar which he relentlessly strums, alongside Isaac who keep the persistent hard hitting beat that is present throughout the album. 2015 has been a whirlwind for Slaves as they have become raging successes after playing at Reading and Leeds which was ecstatic. The crowd was bouncing to every individual beat chanting the lyrics back to the duo who were vigorously performing on stage.

The album cover for Are you satisfied? Isn’t stereotypical of a rock band as it features a bright pink background with two ‘fluffy white dogs’, but their videos are even more out of the ordinary. Their ‘Feed The Mantaray’ video features the duo underwater in a cartoon esc style, in a vintage mini running away from the Mantaray ( It is fair to say that the duo are alternative and if not a little bit weird. I would recommend picking up their latest album and even seeing them in concert if you can, you won’t be disappointed. Slaves are currently touring the UK stopping off at a variety of venues, unfortunately the tickets are all sold out, but keep an eye out it won’t be long before they’re touring again. (

(Source: NME)

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