The 1975 established their presences by releasing ‘The 1975’ album. The feel to that whole album was quite dark. Amongst the songs there seemed to be a lot of hidden messages, from true love, intimacy and of course weed. The dark album work can be taken literally, it wasn’t an album you’d play whilst sitting on a sunny beach.

So far, they haven’t actually released their second album (I think they had after I wrote this), but released a teaser. ‘The Sound’, a much more uplifting vibe, the only way I can describe this song compared to the previous album is that feeling when you’ve held your breath for far too long and you finally exhale, a great weight lifted off your chest. I think I read somewhere that Matty, the frontman, described it as ‘not being in the rain anymore’. He summed it up to a T, and poetically just like his lyrics.

The 1975 is a huge hit with thousands of people globally, not just because of their music. I think it’s their whole image and the way they portray themselves. During their first album the whole band’s twitter was supporting the album work and dark running theme, including in the way they dress. Now making their second album, they are still using the albums artwork across facebook and twitter, but have changed their image. Matty now wears light and pastel coloured shirts buttoned down, mimicking that of the album artwork and pop up shop posters.

I’m eagerly awaiting the album to appear magically on Spotify and not just on Apple music, so it can grace my ears.

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